Refund Policy

Refundable Bookings can be Refunded/Cancelled/Modified
*Terms & Conditions

  • In case of refund, bank transactions charges will be deducted above cancellation charges.
  • In case of credit card transactions, refund will be done only to the same credit card.
  • The time for refund depends on the bank and may take upto 15 days for domestic Credit Cards and 25 days for International Credit Cards.

Non-Refundable Bookings cannot be Refunded/Cancelled/Modified

  • The date and time of refund/cancel/modify must change according to the time of the booking taking into consideration the following terms
  • 23 December to 3 January is Non Refundable
  • 4 January to 30 April and 1 October to 22 December is Refundable and can be cancelled before 7 days of arrival.
  • 1 May to 30 September is Refundable and can be cancelled / change in date before 5 days of arrival.